Photography education

Connecticut Photography Classes

Basics for beginners

connecticut photography classes

Technical basics

Understanding of basics of photography – exposure, composition, shutter speed, aperture. How the camera works. Digital and film photography.

photography classes in West Hartford and Greenwich CT

Post processing

Understending of editing workflow using  Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. How to make your pictures looks really good.

wedding photography in Connecticut

How to start photography business

Starting photography business, creating your website, promoting your brand, SEO for photographers.

Bring your photography skills to the next level.

Learn with us

For those who want to learn how to create breathtaking photographs.

   For those who starting photography I often provide photography lessons here in Connecticut. Beginners in photography have a lot to learn after their purchased their first camera, starting from basics and most important understanding of composition, exposure, depth of field, post processing with Lightroom and Photoshop, and basics about building business in wedding photography. It is beneficial also for those wedding and portrait photographers who are trying to grow as professional.

   As a photographer I’ve been asked hundreds times about what camera to buy, what lense ( I use Sigma art 35mm 80% of the time ), how to do “this” or “that” … how to edit, which software to use, which preset , what is the difference between “those” cameras or lenses..

We’ll go through all those questions aside with explanation of camera futures and understandings of basics things everyone need to understand starting to using a photo camera ( I shoot Canon ) ! Why sometimes I shoot film ( with my Pentax 645n and Pentax k-1000) and how. How to edit photos to give them that amazing look. How to create your own photography website , portfolio or blog.

And finally you will learn how to how to create interesting photographs – framing , lightening , posing , how to photograph a wedding and create interesting portraits together with documenting the flow of the day and make your clients “WoW” !

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