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     I do believe in love and miracles, can be little silly and mysterious or too serious about something simple. Wedding photography is my dream job – it give me opportunity to be a witness of one of the most important day of your life and just capture all those emotions , moments and characters that are happening there ! 


Why me

I want the photo to be alive, I want it to tell the story. May be it will not always be the true story – but it should be beautiful! I want it to have a soul. Sometimes I use medium format film for some shots that I believe will gain from it, sometimes I go black and white if its asking for it, but most of the time I love colors! A lot of colors! Our life might be too gray sometimes, why dont create a Fary Tale ?


    I love to photograph weddings candidly as they unfold naturally , letting you enjoy and concentrate on your feelings , not on the camera . However I feel sometimes that I need to give you some direction to create the image that appear in my head that might add some mysterious or show your personality and character or just create something interesting that you will be proud to print and  put on your wall later! My goal is connect all those moments , my creativity and your characters in one complete wedding story that you will proudly share with your family for lifetimes !

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